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Tell Us Your Funniest Family Gathering Story and Win

Thanksgiving and the holidays are nearly here! For many of us, that season means glittery decorations, festive parties, tasty treats, and giving/receiving gifts. But for many of us, it also means painfully awkward family gatherings and meals filled with embarrassing moments with relatives you have a reason to only see once a year.

The folks at the Fandor movie community get that feeling perfectly, and captured it in this hilariously awkward video of wacky family meal moments from movies:

Fandor - Food Glorious Food01:27

Fandor - Food Glorious Food

Look and sound familiar? If so, we have an awesome contest just for you!

How to enter:

  • Watch the video
  • Comment below with your very own most awkward/funny family gathering story. Get creative!
  • To qualify, it has to be a real funny or awkward moment or story.

We'll be reading through and pulling out the ones. On Dec. 3rd, we'll pick three entrie at random from qualifying entries to win a FREE 3-month subscription to Fandor!

What's Fandor?


Fandor is a movie subscription streaming service featuring thousands of handpicked, award winning films from around the world, of all lengths and genres. Fandor’s mission is to create a community of film lovers and makers connected by meaningful and entertaining cinematic experiences.

Want to give Fandor a try? Wikia fans can take advantage of a 40% discount off a Fandor subscription, just in time for the holidays by visiting the Fandor Holiday page!


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